Monday, November 9, 2009

Enthrow's Echo

Gig Review
Date: 23 Oct 2009
Venue: Black Dhalia, Boksburg

If the bridge between silence and sound is echo, Enthrow’s is one swirling effervescently amid space while taking cue from well timed sways. The four piece outfit ignites an aural charge capable of charming mainstream airwaves while still holding the focus of purists and connoisseurs.

Enthrow have given a wide berth to your all too familiar angst fuelled stage tirades that plague the scene. The unassuming depth in their musical arrangement left the crowd giving the nod at a performance, the place of show being the metal-head cauldron Black Dahlia.

With a lyrically charged fervor of indie / power pop rock the quartet are weaving a wizardry of synths that are soon to set aglitter all deserving stages, be it domestic or abroad.

- Kagiso Mnisi


  1. arresting wordplay! would like to experience these cats wonder if they could play at the keleketla fundraising afterparty...

  2. Full of potential. Fantastic, versatile and solid style. Great group of Musicians, one of a kind. The band will achieve great things. (Tom!)